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10 Ways to Beat Ageism During Your Job Hunt

As an older adult, a major obstacle you’re facing in a job hunt, whether you’re looking to switch to a new company, enter a new field, or reenter the job market after retiring, is ageism. While employers shouldn’t be discriminating against applicants based on age, in a real world scenario there are unconscious biases that those in a hiring position can be influenced by when it comes to applicants who are older.

Some sobering statistics shared by

  • 90% of people who were prematurely pressured into retirement never make as much money if they reenter the job market.
  • 3 out of 5 older workers have experienced or witnessed ageism in the workplace.
  • One-quarter of employees aged 45 or older have heard negative comments about their age from colleagues or supervisors. shares 10 tips when it comes to alleviating the negative impact of ageism is you’re looking to reenter the workforce after retiring.

Play up your past experience. Highlight what you bring to the job and how your experience will benefit the employer and fulfill the gap in their team. Consider what you’ve learned from your career and how that experience makes you the strongest candidate.

Stay up to date with work trends and practices. Things change quickly in the work world, from technologies to best practices. Being on top of what is current will give you an edge and demonstrate that your age isn’t impacting your knowledge base. Being well versed in the latest tech, for example, will show potential employers your passion and drive when it comes to your field of interest, and it demonstrates you can jump right into the role with ease.

For more tips on how to crush ageism when it comes to job hunting as an older adult, read the full article here.

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