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Protect Your Aging Parents From Far Away

More often than not, older adults don’t live near their families. Living far from your aging parents can be a big source of worry for adult children. And chances are high that your parents aren’t keen to move to live closer to you and are resistant to the idea of a senior’s community, preferring to live independently. That independent lifestyle could be risky, though, for your parents as they grow older.

If you live far from your aging parents, there are several ways you can help protect them as they grow older, reports (keep in mind, though, that many of these strategies will require your parents to be open to these options).

To start, consider installing security cameras inside their home. Of course, start by asking if that is something they are open to the idea of; that idea of being monitored by cameras might feel like an invasion of privacy. Having security cameras will help you keep a watch on them and ensure they get help should they have an accident at home, or that they’re getting the help that they need from their PSW.

Next, get them a personal health tracker, such as an Apple Watch, which can monitor if they’ve fallen, and make it simpler for them to call for help. adds that you’ll want to ensure your parents will wear that health tracker regularly. Often parents might say they’re open to the idea of wearing a health tracker, but then they’ll forget to actually wear that device regularly.

You’ll also want to also set a regular schedule of when you will catch up with your parents on the phone or video call. It doesn’t have a to be a long conversation; just a quick touch base during which you can take note of any change in their voice or mood.

For two more tips on how you can help when it comes to protecting your aging parents, read the full article here.

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