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Six Signs It’s Time To Consider a Living Arrangement Designed for Older Adults

All of us are aging, and for those of us in the sandwich generation, you may be asking yourself if mom and dad could benefit from changing their living arrangements to one designed for older adults. Pay attention when you spend time with them. There are distinct clues that experts say are signs it may be time for your parents to consider moving to a different type of space, according to Here’s what to look out for:

First off, has how physically active they are changed? Perhaps you visit and they don’t ever get up from their favourite chair. When they do get up, do they seem to have some difficulty doing so? Consider then, whether a different living arrangement might help when it comes to how sedentary they are living.

Next, look to their day-to-day habits for clues. Is the mail unopened? Is there food in the fridge that should be thrown out? Have they left a huge pile of dirty laundry (when they would have never left such a mess before)? These changes in routine could indicate that they may benefit from a different living arrangement.

Pay attention to their mood and personality. Has it changed in a negative way? Perhaps they’re more impatient or pessimistic. Consider all of your recent interactions with them, both in person and over email or the phone. Would living in a different environment help lift this negativity they seem to be feeling?

For more signs to look for when it comes to exploring whether a new living situation would benefit your aging parents, read more at, where you’ll also find a breakdown of some of the different types of older-adult living arrangements.

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