Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Our Purpose

Our Purpose

YouAreUNLTD is a purpose driven brand, disrupting and redefining what it means to get older. We are a fresh voice to provide people with the inspiration and resources to help them age powerfully. YouAreUNLTD is bringing together a collective force of partners to shatter myths on aging through education and engagement across a broad community of consumers, caregivers, companies, innovators, investors and policy stakeholders.

Our Commandments – for everything we do!

Disruptive:  We are going to change the way society hears about and talks about aging. 

Human:  Everything needs to be centred around what allows people to thrive.  

Optimistic:  We have a complete belief in the strength of spirit, science and soul.

Knowledgeable:  We a need to be thoughtful, researched and smart about all issues related to health and caregiving. 

Authentic:  We will be true to the realities and challenges of aging 

Compassionate:  We will always care about all people! 

Contemporary:  We are modern, fresh and vibrant 

Live-Well:   We will encourage all people – patients and caregivers—healthy or sick – to live as well as possible!