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Five Ways to Build Your Own Healthy Social Network For Aging Well

Having a strong social connection is key to growing old well. Having those social activities makes it possible to connect with others and contributes to lifelong learning. These social interactions help to build resilience while also alleviating feelings of depression and loneliness. Also, reports, a lack of social connections is related to cognitive decline, largely due to fragile and vulnerable health and independence.

The good news is that you can take steps to build your own healthy aging community so that you maintain those social connections. You start with a plan that focuses on aging well and put those plans into motion as needed or when you’re ready to. Having a plan in place as you age about how you want to grow older and who you want alongside you will help ease fears or confusion about the future, and also allows you to age confidently as you won’t be face with having to make a last-minute decision in the face of an emergency.

The first step to creating a healthy aging community of your own? Take inventory of your current social activity, says Look at how often you see certain individuals in your life; how much of a quality interaction do you have with each person; what do you tend to do when you spend time with his person. Take stock and evaluate your time spent with each person in your current social circle.

Next, identify your pain points. says to look at current factors causing you stress; is it your poor diet? Is it the personal passion project that you keep procrastinating on? Perhaps your fitness regimen has fallen to the wayside. You’ll also want to make note of the lifestyle habits you’re completing with ease. Looking at both sides will help give yourself a clear view on your strengths when it comes to taking care of your needs. By evaluating where you’re falling short and where you’re excelling, you’ll have a clearer idea of who you should include in your healthy aging community.

For three more steps to developing your social circle to age healthily, and factors that impact our social connectivity as we age, read the full article here.

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