Friday, April 19, 2024

More Boomers Are Turning to Spirituality During Retirement

When you’re busy building your career and family, there’s often little time to focus on spirituality. Retirement offers more time to be able to focus on and explore your spiritual side, says Sheila Macgregor, lead minister and minister of worship and pastoral care at Siloam United Church in London, Ont., in this article from the Globe & Mail. It offers you time to discover more about yourself, which you may be grappling with as you are no longer necessarily defined by your job, or by being a parent, for example. Macgregory says these questions about your identity and purpose are fundamentally religious questions.

We are seeing an increase in the interest in religion amongst boomers, both in traditional houses of worship and other forms of spirituality. But their approach to spirituality differs from previous generations. It’s not about church potlucks and bible study nowadays. For how boomers approach spirituality, along with some interesting stats (for example, what percentage of boomers believe in God), and the wellness benefits of spiritual practice, do check out the article from the Globe here.

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