Thursday, May 23, 2024

UK-based Agetech Startup Mirthy Set to Grow Its Online Interactive Community for Those Aged 60+

With an influx of $1.1 million in funding, UK-based startup Mirthy has big plans to grow its online platform in the next six months. Co-founder and CEO Alex Ramamurthy told UK Tech News that with more than double the amount of pre-seed funding they had initially planned to raise, it’s time to step on the gas. The company plans to grow the marketing, product and sales teams and focus on growth for the next half-year.

Mirthy is an interactive community for people aged 60 and older offering a range of live-streamed activities (think fitness classes and cooking demos to history lectures and book clubs). Their goal is to become “a go-to platform for all over 60s’ social, physical and financial needs.” It launched just under 18 months ago and has gained more than 35,000 users thus far and has a goal to grow to over 150,000 over the 12 months.

In addition to its growth plans with this new round of funding. Mirthy has been working on expanding platform’s service offerings. This October, Mirthy plans to launch a membership subscription service, which will give users access to events and activities for a small monthly fee. Also, the company is also testing new community features on its platform, and is also working towards international expansion. 

For more about its plans and how they see themselves as different than their competitors, you can find out more here.

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