Friday, June 14, 2024

New Smart Mobility Device for People With Dementia

In the U.K. an industrial design student has designed a smart mobility device for people ith dementia that will allow them to live independently longer, which will also alleviate the strain on the healthcare system.

James Bayliss designed AIDE, which is a smart walking stick (and wall charger) and a series of Bluetooth beacons placed around the home. As you move around home with the walking stick, the stick sends data to the beacons, and the software learns patterns. By tracking movement, AIDE then learns to detect any move that is unusual, for example if you were to fall suddenly. Another example shared in this article about the device on the site Longevity Technology says AIDE can detect if the person is in the bathroom longer than usual. Anything unusual can set off a notification to the carers, who can then get in touch with the person who has dementia.

For more about Bayliss’s design, which he hopes to develop into a fully functioning prototype, along with the behavioural mapping and app, visit Longevity Technology.

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