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5 Tips for Traveling Safely With Someone Who Has Dementia

Is it possible to travel safely, while maintaining your own sanity, with someone who has dementia? While people with dementia commonly rarely travel, given that they can struggle with the change in routine and/or location, given the growing number of people with dementia, the fact is there will be times that travel must happen.

Jeanette Marantos of the Los Angeles Times shared her firsthand experience with traveling with her husband. He was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2011 and they have traveled over the past decade via automobile and plane including trips to New York and to Europe. To start, she shares the most common recommendations: Assess your companion’s ability to travel, and once on the trip, ensure he or she is carrying (or wearing) some kind of identification in case you get separated.

She shares the struggles and challenges she’s faced on their trips in her article in the Los Angeles Times. Despite that, this spring, with cities reopening and having both been vaccinated, she decided to take a road trip with her husband to Washington to see friends and family. With that trip under her belt, she shares her top five tips on how to best manage traveling with someone with dementia in her article here. You may find some of the advice surprising; check them out to help prepare for any future travel with your loved one.

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