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Three Key Learnings When It Comes to Aging Well

Take inspiration from Maureen. She’s 89, but she’s far from what you think of when you think of someone who is nearly 90. She’s sharp and leads an active social life, possibly even more active than some people half her age.

When she lost her husband six years ago, she didn’t let that take her down, says She was in one community group already, and she added two others to the mix. One of the social groups is for widows, and she feels everyone is like her. They get together for social activities such as playing dominoes

She does have family who help out. One of her sons moved in with her during the pandemic, and they help with errands such as groceries and household chores. Having them live with her has allowed her to stay in her large home.

And while she has this help, much of how she lives her life is what has led her to be as sharp and healthy as she is. Take a cue from her to age as well as she is. To start, maintain a healthy weight and eat a balanced diet. Read every day. Steer clear of smoking. Get your exercise in; Maureen walks for physical activity. She’s also fully vaccinated (as are her son and his partner). She takes vitamins daily along with a couple of medications. All of these healthy habits add up and she doesn’t have to see doctors often.

But the most important factor in how well she’s aged? Her social connections and the communities she’s involved in. She doesn’t merely go to meet up with these groups; she’s active (think president of one and on the board of another).

What can we draw from her lifestyle to learn how to age well ourselves? Read the full piece here.

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