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Older Adults Are Having Better Sex Lives Than Younger Generations

In movies and TV, and society at large, we tend to focus on the sex lives of younger generations, such as Millennials and Gen Z. What their dating lives are like, the sexual orientation they identify with, and how their actual dating and relationships play out. But research shows that it’s older generations that are having the best sex lives, says

They report that there are several studies that show that people who have lived longer may be having the best sex. One example shared: an American study from 2016 revealed that age has a positive relationship with sexual quality of life. With age, the study found comes what the researchers referred to as sexual wisdom (which is both sexual prowess and being a considerate and giving partner).

And the findings don’t stop there. Research focused on the sex lives of adults aged 60 to 80s shows an improvement in sex life over the years. And one particular study conducted in Israel found that adults aged 60 to 91 have shifted the focus from lust to love and from “getting to giving” when it comes to sex.

It goes to show that younger generations may just learn a thing or two from older generations when it comes to having a healthy, happy sex life. And the good news is interest in examining the intimacy and sexuality of older adults is growing. For more on the growing body of ongoing research, read the full article here.

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