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This Actress Feels Young at 84–Get Her Stay-Young Strategies

Society is obsessed with youth, and disparages women who dare show their age, says, but one actress refuses to deal with any of this. Jane Fonda, 84, shared in a recent interview with CBS News that she is very conscious of the fact that she is closer to death. And guess what? It doesn’t bother her much.

Fonda says it’s about how you feel, and not about the birthday you’re celebrating. “You know, you can be really old at 60, and you can be really young at 85,” said the Grace and Frankie star (the final season of which is now up on Netflix). She showed her resilience and youthful approach, too, of course, when she bounced back after three divorces.

How has Fonda changed her lifestyle through the years so she can enjoy her best life? She gave up alcohol, so that she would be in her best shape every day, noting that alcohol affects you differently when you’re older. And I only have so many tomorrows left. I don’t want to be at half-mast for any of them!” she said.

She also has a lighthearted approach when it comes to how she’s aging. While she admits that there are things about her body that bother her, she looks at it with a sense of humour. Fonda has had two hip replacements and two knee replacements. “My knees are not mine, my hips are not mine, my shoulder’s not mine,” she said. And as much as it bothers her that her body is not hers, she loves the fact that she is alive and working. For her, it doesn’t matter if she doesn’t have her original joints, and can’t partake in skiing or biking anymore. She’s busy and active and loving life as an aging actress; learn more details on how here.


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