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Personalize Workouts on This App To Facilitate Your Healthy Aging

Keeping active with exercise is a must if you want to age well. The fitness app Balanced allows older adults to personalize workout routines to account for injuries, pain points, and illness, allowing you to achieve your personal goals (whether that’s better balance, improved bone density, or increased muscle mass, for example), reports

The brainchild of two 31-year-olds, Katie Reed and Kelly Froelich, Balanced takes the approach that fitness is fun, rather than a prescription or medication. Reed’s grandfather used to exercise every morning and is one of the inspirations for the app. While she used online fitness programs such as Obe, Peloton and CorePower, she realized that these workouts worked well for her, but that they lacked the capability to be customized for someone like her grandmother. And when she learned that Froelich was teaching cardio boxing virtually to her grandparents, that’s when the idea for Balanced came together, reports

Let’s face it: none of us like being referred to as elderly, seniors or retirees, or silver this or that. Reed and Froelich learned this and have focused on making the Balanced messaging modern and inclusive.

To learn how they came to launch their startup, including four factors that make now an ideal time to launch this customizable digital fitness platform, read the article here.

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