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Eight Simple Ways to Feel Your Best and Age Gracefully

For women in particular, we’ve changed our approach to how we age. More women are embracing their aging (think Jamie Lee Curtis and Maria Shriver, to name just two). We are keeping those greys, and accepting the fine lines as part of aging gracefully. It’s no longer an all-out battle to banish signs of aging.

Aging comes with many things to contend with, such as the greys but also health concerns–from needing reading glasses to a slower metabolism. So even an approach to aging gracefully involves taking care of your health so that you can not only look your best but feel your best. These eight tips health and beauty professionals shared by outline some simple ways to do just that.

Wear sunscreen daily. This is makeup and hair artist Aaron Barry’s top tip for aging well. Sun damage accelerates the aging process and increases the risk of skin cancer, he points out. And as a beauty pro, he also notes that you can use SPF primers to prep your skin for makeup as they provide a great base for foundation, while also giving a boost of hydration as well.

Hydrate your body well. We often overlook how important drinking enough water is. Heather Mangieri, a dieitian from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, says staying hydrated is key to aging well. When you’re even a bit dehydrated it can bring down your mood, impact your energy levels and make it more difficult to focus. She suggests drinking water first thing in the morning and then through your day by keeping a large water bottle with you all day long.

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