Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Quit This and You’ll Slow Your Brain from Aging

Perhaps you drink red wine and tout the benefits of resveratrol or drink in moderation and have the occasional cocktail. The truth is that the best thing you can do for your brain is to not drink any alcohol at all. A new study has found that even light or moderate alcohol consumption causes the brain to age faster.

As reported by HealthDay News, the study looked at data from more than 36,000 adults and found that just a few glasses of beer or wine a week resulted in reduced brain volume. And the more one drinks, the greater the reduced brain volume.

How does that translate into real terms? Well, the researchers said that if a 50-year-old increased drinking from half a beer (considered one alcohol unit) a day to a pint of beer, this is linked to the brain aging two years. Drink even more daily, three alcohol units, and that is associated with aging the brain by 3.5 years.

For more on the details about the study, and how these findings contrast with what is considered safe drinking limits, you can read the full HealthDay News article here.

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