Thursday, May 23, 2024

Have a Dog? Good News: Dog Parents Age Successfully

Having a dog as a pet can help you age well. That’s what a new study has found. The study reveals that the care, companionship and exercise having a dog calls for could be a factor in health promotion for aging successfully.

That pets are good for your health has been known for some time. But previous studies found that being a dog parent is linked to being more physically active and having fewer doctors’ appointments. What stands out about this new study is that it involved looking at a large group of older adults and delved into how having a pet could boost physical health reports

Note, though, that older adults who have a dog but don’t take it for walks (perhaps they employ a dog walker, for example, or have a dog that doesn’t require much exercise) will not experience the same successful aging benefits.

For more on how the researchers conducted this study with 15,000 older adults and what further studies could be researched going forward, read the full article here.

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