Thursday, May 23, 2024

Add 10 Years to Your Life By Eating These Foods

The Mediterranean diet has long been lauded for its health benefits. And a new study reveals that changing to a more plant-based diet such as the Mediterranean diet could result in living longer.

The modeling study was published in PLOS Medicine and is based on data from an earlier study. The researchers created an online tool named Food4HealthyLife to calculate the life expectancy determined by eating habits. They discovered that eating a more plant-based or Mediterranean-style diet could add up to ten years to your lifespan. The findings suggest that eating more plants and less processed food is linked to living as much as a decade longer. Which would indicate that one would be wise to switch from the typical North American diet, heavy on processed foods.

Wondering if there are any foods in particular to focus on including in your diet? Beans are the most beneficial food for a longer lifespan. And while fruits and veggies are also linked to longer life span, two other types of food ranked almost as highly as beans. Learn what foods to eat to expand life expectancy and what to avoid if you want to live longer here at

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