Thursday, May 23, 2024

Where Should You Grow Old? These Are The Best Countries to Age In

With people living longer globally, the demographics are shifting. Japan ranks the oldest, with half of its population over the age of 50 just next year. And some countries are preparing better than others when it comes to this shift in demographics.

The Longevity Management Scorecard by 20-first ranks the top 10 countries and compares it to the top 10 countries by GDP. To rank countries, they looked at longevity (that is, the life expectancy of the population), the quality of healthcare, and where the country ranks in terms of global happiness indices.

As reported in Forbes, only one country in the top GDP country ranks in the top 10 for longevity management. France. And if you’re curious as to where Canada ranks for longevity management, Canada made the top 10, coming in 9th place, even though Canada needs a national aging strategy.

What countries are doing well in terms of their preparations for an aging population? And when a country is led by a woman, how does that impact its longevity management score? Find this out, get the top 10 list (and perhaps get inspired on retiring in one of the top-ranking countries) and learn how the data available about those 50+ affects the insights we can draw about longevity preparation on a global scale, read the Forbes article here.

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