Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Marketers Should Not Overlook the Boomer Consumer

“It’s like you fall off a cliff.”

That’s how Jeff Weiss, chief executive officer of Age of Majority, a consulting company for marketers looking to tap into older consumers, described people aged 55+ being entirely ignored by marketers to the Globe & Mail.

But the boomer generation is one that shouldn’t be ignored; they hold a great deal of wealth after all, and compose a big chunk of the population. if you’re not focused on the boomer demographic, as a marketer you’re foregoing billions on sales, he added.

While there is the stereotype that older adults are not big consumers, in reality they’re very active, he said, in all respects—physically, mentally, socially and in the digital world. And there are companies that understand that the older demographic should not be ignored. Learn who’s tapping into the boomer demographic and why some of the ads you see featuring Millennials are actually targeting older consumers in the Globe & Mail article here.

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