Friday, April 19, 2024

Older Employees Are Being Embraced By Companies

Companies worldwide are struggling with staffing shortages. From being unable to find employees to retaining the ones they have, a growing number of companies are recognizing the value of older employees for their reliability.

More than 1,000 employers in the U.S. have committed to equal opportunity for all workers, regardless of age, by signing the AARP Employer Pledge, including Microsoft, Macy’s and AIS. The future for older workers may be brighter than ever, according to the report in Time. And despite the stereotypes, older workers are interested in continued learning.

Now, companies are starting to recognize the value of older workers compared to younger ones, who have shown to be less reliable for showing up consistently to work. And there are plenty of older people wanting to continue working or to return to work. We’re living longer and retiring and winding down at age 60 isn’t the norm anymore.

Microsoft, for one, now has many age-inclusive policies in place, from offering health coverage without employee premiums to giving four weeks paid leave annually for caregiving. They’re not the only ones focusing on age-inclusivity. To learn more about what companies are doing to embrace mature workers, check the full article in Time.

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