Tuesday, May 21, 2024

As You Age, Happiness and Good Health Go Hand in Hand

There’s a growing number of research findings that show an association between optimism and health as you age.

In a new study focused on daily stressors, optimism helped limit how older men experience stressful situations or impacted how they interpreted scenarios as stressful. Day-to-day stressors, such as having to do chores around the house, were examined and being able to better handle these stressors was linked to better overall emotional wellbeing, as reported in news-medical.net.

The study looked at 233 men and spanned over a course of 14 years, starting with an optimism questionnaire and followed by analyzing daily stressors and mood more than a decade later. For more about the study, and how looking at how optimistic people handle stress differently helped reveal the association with good health when one is older, you can read about the Boston University School of Medicine research here.

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