Thursday, May 23, 2024

10 Experts Share Their Tips to Aging Well

If you’re looking to the year ahead with the goal of improving your health and aging well, taking the advice from the Forbes Health Advisory Board is a good place to start. Forbes rounded up 10 pieces of expert advice from their board, and the great news is, many of these lifestyle changes are easily achievable.

For example, have you been caught up in doing the daily Wordle that is all the rage? Then you’re already on your way to completing one of their recommendations: maintain mental stimulation. Dr. Philip Steig shared that aging well is tied to staying cognitively stimulated. Look for different ways to challenge your brain, from learning new things to problem solving, to keep your brain in good health.

Reframing how you view restrictions for certain habits too. Take the amount of screen time you have. Instead of trying to cut down on screen time by looking at it as a limit, think of the rewarding things you can do instead of being chained to your phone. Optometrist Jennifer Lyerly shared her advice to consider limited screen time as what allows you to take part in rewarding, healthy things, such as working out or going outside for a walk.

To get the full list of expert tips on how to age well, check out the article at Forbes.

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