Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Agetech Innovations at This Year’s CES That Could Be Beneficial to People of All Ages

A number of startups at this year’s CES made evident that agetech innovations can improve the lifestyle of not just older adults, but for many other people too.

As reported in Techcrunch, there’s the voice-controlled Retriever by Labrador Systems. Picture a robotic cart featuring retractable shelves, trays and a fridge. And from Sengled, a smart lightbulb that can take your heart rate, temperature and sleep.

Meanwhile Eargo comes Eargo 6, their latest hearing aid that features Sound Adjust, and Mask-Mode, which allows users to hear people wearing masks more clearly.

For more about some of the exciting agetech innovations from CES 2022, you can reach the full Tech Crunch roundup here.

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