Saturday, May 18, 2024

Boomers Are Searching for Love On Dating Apps

The pandemic make dating a challenge around the world. And while dating apps are often seen as being used by Millennials, boomers in Australia have been using the apps as well.

In fact, with the aging population in Australia, baby boomers are going to be the dating app’s main growth in the near future, according to research conducted by IBISWorld. The report indicates that boomers will turn to dating apps as they become widowers or divorced.

Already, dating apps in Australia such as eharmony have advertising targeting older adults. Another app, RSVP, is investing in algorithms to results in serious connections and better matches, especially for older adults.

To find out what a relationship expert says older adults are looking for in a relationship, and the key difference when it comes to what boomers want and how COVID has played a role in boomers looking to date online, read the full article from here.

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