Saturday, May 18, 2024

The Great Retirement May Become The Great Semi-Retirement

Many boomers may be headed to semi-retirement rather than retirement with employers looking to hold onto older employees in the face of the shortage of workers. Consider that two-thirds of boomers say their employers are well prepared to handle when they retire, but also less than half of these people say their company has a successor in place for when they do retire. These findings come from The Harris Poll from a survey commissioned by Express Employment Professionals.

Due to this discrepancy, the concept of semi-retirement could be a solution, in the form of flexibile schedules, consulting work, or reduced hours. A survey reveals that most working adults aged 18 and older would be interested in semi-retirement. But only 21 percent of people surveyed had employers who offer semi-retirement options. However, this number could rise as employers try to manage the through the pandemic labour shortage.

To learn more about benefits boomers are interested in as it relates to semi-retirement, and factors that have impacted boomers’ retirements, read the full article at

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