Friday, June 14, 2024

Making Plans For Your Pet For When You Pass Away

Have you made a provision in your will for when you die? While this might have been perceived as crazy not long ago, this has become much more common. Nowadays, more people think it’s simply not fair if they don’t put something in the will ensuring their animals are well taken care of, shared Toronto lawyer Barry Seltzer with the Globe & Mail.

Pets can contribute so much to our wellbeing (and also help us age successfully) and Seltzer even wrote a co-book about how to plan for your pets, Fat Cats & Lucky Dogs: How to Leave (Some of) Your Estate to Your Pet. Now, law schools have pet estate planning as part of the courses. He says it’s now common to ask clients if they’d like to add a provision for the pets in the will.

While not every client includes this provision, Seltzer says it is a smart idea to have a plan in place for a friend or family member who’s agreed to care for your pets should something happen to you.

If you’re looking to plan for your pets, for insight on what is the best plan to have in place to ensure your pet is well taken care of, you can read the full Globe & Mail piece here.

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