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Aging in Place Is Popular, But It’s Not Without Its Own Set of Issues

Aging in place is what many people consider the best option. Staying in a familiar place while getting the medical treatment and long-term care you need comes with many benefits, but it does place a significant burden on one’s family. Think, for example, of the family members who must be responsible for organizing home care to make aging in place work.

Facilities that offer long-term care in the home allow people to stay in the comfort of their home. It’s an alternative that can help with ones mental health (by reducing any anxiety to moving to a new living arrangement) and physical health (by lowering risk of infection), shares Howard Gleckman in his article on

Those are indeed benefits, but aging in place calls for one’s family to take on responsibilities that a nurse might handle, along with coordinating care and organizing or administering medication. Sometimes it even calls for learning how to manage medical devices. It can be a lot of responsibilities to put on those family members’ shoulders. It’s a factor that often isn’t discussed when it comes to aging in place.

For more on the difficulties involved in helping a loved one age in place, read more here.

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