Monday, June 17, 2024

The Inspiration You’ve Been Looking For: 25 Famous Women Share Their Thoughts on Achieving Success Later in Life

With so many top 30 under 30 lists, how refreshing to find a roundup focused on women who’ve achieved success later in life. This roundup of 25 successful women of note from The Cut shares insight from each person on the benefits of finding success later in your career, and, perhaps even more importantly, that it’s ok to succeed when you’re a bit older.

Which famous females succeeded later in life? Fashion designer Vera Wang, filmmaker Chloe Zhao, actress Viola Davis, and fashion icon Iris Apfel, to name just a few.

And their insight and thoughts you’ll find from these successful women that may just be the inspiration you need today? “Once you’ve shed the pressure of being a young woman, you’re allowed to just be a woman. It’s freeing,” shared one actress.

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