Thursday, May 23, 2024

Women in Their 50s Should Fade Away? Paulina Porizkova Responds

Paulina Porizkova wants women to embrace aging. The model feels sexier than ever and she’s had it with men treating her like she should fade away now that she’s over the age of 50. Porizkova has been vocal as of late about aging, and has been critical of all of the plastic surgery in the modeling industry.

She also shared how she now feels invisible. reports on how she’s spoken out about going to parties as a single woman, and starts to chat with men there who leave mid-conversation to go pursue much younger women. The supermodel, now 56, says she began feeling this way when she reached middle age, and it’s been a continued “slow fade” ever since.

Through all of this, men have commented on her social media that she should be invisible, which she’s noted is simply proving her point. And to clap back at this notion of women of a certain age needing to disappear, Porizkova has been posting more sexy photos, sometimes in bikinis, sometime nude, and occasionally without makeup.

For more about why she’s posting these photos, what the response has been, and what the 50-something stars from And Just Like That have to say about all the talk in the media about their aging, read the full article here.

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