Friday, June 14, 2024

Help Your Aging Parents Get Healthier

If your parents aren’t very active, their sedentary lifestyle probably worries you. That lack of exercise is linked to many chronic health issues and poor health as they age will lead to their loss of independence. As they increasingly sit most of the day, their mobility deteriorates, balance weakens, and this can lead to falls and fractures. And more than this, exercise brings a host of mental health benefits, from the social aspect, which can alleviate loneliness, to easing depression.

But, as Carolyn Rosenblatt notes in her article on Forbes, just telling your parents they should be more active isn’t enough. If they’ve never been physically active in their lives, they won’t comprehend the feel-good factor that comes from exercise. What you have to do, according to Rosenblatt, is make a concerted effort to be involved in getting them moving. She recommends buying them workout clothes or shoes and suggesting an activity you can do together.

if you live nearby, then it’s best to get involved in person, but even if you live far from your parents, talking on the phone or through a video chat also works. Invest the time and attention your parents’ health deserves. They’ll love having your attention, and will likely feel more inclined to get out of that chair.

For more ideas on how you can help your parents get healthier, check out the full article at Forbes.

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