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Suzanne Somers Shares Her Beauty Self-Care Advice

You probably know Suzanne Somers as Chrissy Snow, the lovable blonde from Three’s Company. Or perhaps from her infomercials for the ThighMaster. Now 75, she’s been in the beauty and lifestyle business for years and in 2019, she launched her own wellness line, Suzanne Organics, which includes serums, makeup, haircare and supplements.

As reported in Women’s Health, what made Somers shift her diet and lifestyle was her breast cancer diagnosis in 2000. She overhauled how she was living, moving towards a positive, clean way of life, and made rest, functional movement and yoga a priority.

Now cancer-free, she continues to make self-care non-negotiable, and she has rules to live by that contribute to how well the actress is aging. For one, she maintains a daily beauty regimen. Taking care of how she looks is what allows her to put her best face forward, and valuing yourself and making time to comb your hair and put on some makeup is what sets the tone for her when it comes to facing the day ahead. The simple task of putting on some eyeliner actually represents so much more.

Another tactic as she embraces aging? She wears less makeup. Somers notes that a big mistake is doing the same makeup as when you were in your 20s. Putting on that same amount of makeup quickly looks heavy when you’re older than 50. The magazine reports that she uses her smartphone as a makeup tool: snapping a picture as you do your makeup will show you if what you’ve applied is working for you. Put on too much and the selfie you snap will tell you loud and clear.

For more of Somers’ beauty and wellness mantras, read the Women’s Health article here. Her tips are practical and she’s so glowing that you will be inspired to edit your makeup routine and maybe even dig that ThighMaster out of the attic.

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