Friday, April 19, 2024

Why You Should Recognize That You’re Old

Connie Mason Michael’s article in The Capital-Journal recently shared a January blog post by Maria Shriver (from her blog The Sunday Paper). Michael brought up the post in which Shriver shares a conversation she has with her older brother Bobby. Shriver writes in the post: “It’s funny: I never think of myself as old, but my older brother Bobby says that’s a mistake. He says that recognizing that you are old allows you to look at things from a different perspective.”

Bobby continued by tell Shriver to stop seeing herself as a young girl. “Instead, see yourself as a powerful, single 60-something woman, because that’s the truth. You have better mental tools and better practical tools than you did when you were 25. You have experience and wisdom.” He adds that at her age, she should view time as finite and make decisions with that in mind.

Michael agrees with Bobby’s words of wisdom. And she is a proponent of embracing our age, using our experience our advantage. To learn more about how Michael views aging as an opportunity, check her column here, and for The Sunday Paper, you can read Shriver’s post here.

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