Thursday, May 23, 2024

Another Good Reason to Become More Mindful

Getting older is inevitable, but much of how well you age is under your control, from how active you are to what you eat. And new research from the University of Maine reveals that how mindful you are can impact how you age.

The new study, published in the journal Aging & Mental Health, found that adults with high levels of a certain type of mindfulness called trait mindfulness, have better well-being and mental health. Trait mindfulness is one’s natural ability to pay attention in the moment without judgement. Adults with this type of mindfulness also possessed greater mental resilience when dealing with stress.

Other characteristics of adults with greater trait mindfulness? They tended to be older and more educated, and showed less anxiety, stress and depression. Trait mindfulness was also found to be linked to greater ability to focus and filter out irrelevant information. Also, those with higher mindfulness showed less negative effects of stress.

To learn more about how the research was conducted and what associate professor of psychology Rebecca MacAulay, who led the study, has planned next for this research, read more about the study here. Then, get started on developing your mindfulness practice.

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