Friday, June 14, 2024

This 63-Year-Old Celebrity Isn’t Hiding From Her Age

Lately, actress Jamie Lee Curtis is being outspoken about her thoughts about getting older. She chatted with Maria Shriver (who recently shared her goal of living with a pro-aging mindset) about how she feels about aging. They had their conversation for the Radically Reframing Aging Summit, which is presented by Sounds True and Shriver Media.

Now 63, Curtis would like to banish the word anti-aging. “This word ‘anti-aging’ needs to be struck. I am pro-aging,” she said. The star of such hit flicks as Knives Out and A Fish Called Wanda went on to say that she wants to age with intelligence and grace and dignity and verve and energy.

For Curtis, beauty is more than skin deep and she feels that society has gotten rid of the term “natural beauty,” reports Prevention. And she states that she’s an advocate for natural beauty. “Because I do feel there has been a genocide on natural beauty,” adds Curtis.

She is also being up front about her stance on natural beauty, even posting a makeup-less photo on Instagram (above). For more on her thoughts on how Hollywood treats aging actresses and why she refuses to hide from her age, read the full Prevention article here.


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