Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Are You Getting Divorced? Grey Divorce is Increasing—Here’s Why

The number of baby boomers getting divorced is exploding. The rate of boomer divorce, also known as grey divorce, has doubled in the past 20 years in the U.S., while it’s declined for other age groups, according to research from 2014. More current numbers show it hasn’t improved at all: a report from the U.S. Census Department from April 2021 revealed that 34.9 percent of American who got divorced in 2020 were aged 55 or older—that rate is more than two times the rate of any other age group.

The outlet katiecouric.com checked in with experts on what factors are driving boomers to divorce in such large numbers. One reason? As we age, the desire to live more authentically, without our partner, grows. Perhaps your partner suffers with their health, and you realize you don’t want to become a caregiver, or alternatively, perhaps health issues or a health scare may prompt one of both individuals to seek out a more authentic life focused on improving oneself, shared one financial advisor.

Another potential factor? With the kids grown and living their own lives, older couples who may have longstanding marital problems may feel they now have the opportunity to split without the grown kids present for the split. They have discovered their passions and now have the space and time to pursue them, passions that don’t align with their partner.

For more factors that may be contributing to the growth of grey divorce, along with tips on what to consider before divorcing, read the full katiecouric.com article here.

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