Friday, June 14, 2024

We May Soon Be Able To Turn Back Time on Aging Skin Cells

Many of us have a thorough skincare routine, often in an effort to hold onto a youthful appearance. We slather on serums, get the occasional injection to diminish fine lines, to plump where you’ve lost collagen. But new research may actually allow us to genetically turn back time on skin cells. The British study found that they were able to dial back the clock on skin cells by 30 years. Think of your skin 30 years ago: before you’d sunbathed every summer (because you didn’t care about how it’d age you), before your years of social drinking, three decades of stress, and more.

In their study, the Babraham Institute researchers took skin cells from a 53-year-old woman and were able to make them act as if they were 30 years younger, reports the Times of London. They applied the cells to a simulated wound in a lab, and they were as peppy as cells from a 23-year-old when it came to healing, as reported by the researchers in the journal eLife.

While they adapted a Nobel prizewinning technique, their study was significantly different: rather than take the stem cells and revert them to age zero, they didn’t bring the age reversal that far; they stopped well before age zero. This is significant because this meant that while the cells regained youth, they also were old enough to understand their role as skin cells.

To learn more about this breakthrough, and about other news in regenerative medicine, read the full Times of London article here.

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