Thursday, May 23, 2024

You May Age Even More Healthily If Your Doctor Retires Soon

As a whole, we’re living longer. And with greater longevity, and the huge baby boomer demographic retiring, we are about to experience a population that’s aging faster than any other if you’re looking at the decades from the 1960s to the 2060s, notes The Guardian.

Consider, too, that a large aging population means that the cost of healthcare will increase (and don’t forget that the time spent in ill health will grow as well; this is known as morbidity).

With the aging population, it’s easy to forget that the ones taking care of people’s health, doctors, are also aging. Nearly a quarter of GPs are aged 55-plus in the UK. So with them soon retiring, how will this impact healthcare? Research from the US gives a glimpse as to what the impact will be.

And you might be surprised that it’s not all negative. While, yes, with ones GP retiring, this results in less primary care, reports The Guardian. But there is a positive as well. Consider how a set of fresh eyes on your overall health status might help–to learn how GPs retiring might actually benefit your health and what implications this has on the healthcare system financially, read the full article at The Guardian.

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