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Take These Six Supplements to Age Well

While many of us tend to focus on our aging appearance, aging well when it comes to your health is more than skin deep. You’ll want to nourish your body to age well from the inside out. And there are the big lifestyle factors that will help you age well, such as not smoking, exercising, and limiting your alcohol intake, to name just three. That said, when it comes to supplements, there are ones that may help you age well.

To start, according to Men’s Health, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting enough magnesium in your diet. You’ll find magnesium in dark, leafy greens, and seaweed. You’ll also find it in veggies such as broccoli and squash, and in nuts and seeds. Look for snacks and meals that incorporate these magnesium-rich foods into what you’re eating on a regular basis.

Next, look to add a vitamin D supplement to your routine. Most people don’t get enough vitamin D. And while this sunshine vitamin is produced by your body with sun exposure, you still want to limit your UV exposure (and should be wearing SPF daily) to protect your skin. Food sources of vitamin D or somewhat limited (think salmon and swordfish, and anything like milk, which is fortified with it) so you may want to consider a D supplement to ensure you’re getting enough on a daily basis.

One mineral you might not hear a lot about when it comes to aging is selenium. It could play a role in longevity. Brittany Lubeck, M.S., R.D. shared with Men’s Health that you may not have heard of it before but it’s thought to have antioxidant effects that can reduce the risk of disease associated with aging.

To learn more about selenium, and the other supplements that may help you age well, read the full Men’s Health article here.

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