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Four Ways You Can Improve Your Aging Experience

We all want to age well. And there are clear actions you can take that will make the aging experience better. In her book Breaking the Age Code: How Your Beliefs About Aging Determine How Long and Well You Live, Yale professor Dr. Becca Levy shares the factors that have been identified that we can take action on that will make your aging better, notes Much of it is tied to how you think about aging.

For one, memory gets worse with age, right? Not necessarily so. A “senior moment” is a common refrain when we forget something, but these lapses aren’t specifically tied to old age. “Older persons aren’t the only ones who get struck with occasional moments of forgetfulness, which is what makes the innocuous or even cute-seeming term ‘senior moment’ such a perfect microcosm of the insidious mechanisms and effects of ageism,” shared Levy with

Also, it’s commonly believed that poor mental health is what comes with age. But this isn’t necessarily true. It’s not an inevitable symptom of aging. Levy says that mental illness is less common among older adults compared to younger adults. What does increase as we age? Emotional intelligence and an openness when it comes to engaging meaningfully, which in turn can inspire greater creative output as a result of wanting to make meaning of life.

For more ways you can change how you think about aging and improve your experience, read the full article here.

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