Thursday, May 23, 2024

Five Job Hunting Tips For You If You’re 50+

Ageism persists in the workplace. And when you consider that there are widespread staffing shortages, and yet plenty of adults aged 50-plus looking for work, there is a big demographic who is being overlooked. Following these tips from will help give you an edge and stay in the running when it comes to job opportunities:

Network! It’s all about who you know! Networking and tapping into the connections you have from your previous work can lead to great leads on who is hiring. Go through your contacts and reach out to connect to let them know you’re looking for work. Attend events where there’ll be the opportunity to talk to people in your industry. And don’t be shy about your job hunt. Let your connections know what type of work you’re looking for as you never know who they know who may be hiring. And should you discover your contact knows someone at the company you want to work at, ask for an introduction.

Show how tech-savvy you are. There is a stereotype that older adults are clueless when it comes to technology. Show in your resume what you are proficient in, and if you’re not fluent in technology (from computers to popular applications), take course to learn and sharpen your skills.

For more tips that’ll help you in your job hunt as an older adult, read the full article here.

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