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This 71-Year-Old Actress Says Being Older Doesn’t Mean You Don’t Exist

She was a Bond girl. And also beloved for her role on Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. Now, 71, Jane Seymour is still busy with work (she’s currently on Harry Wild, a crime show you can find on Acorn TV) and you can follow her everyday adventures, travels, and workouts and also get insight into her thoughts (including her thoughts on aging).

She shared with Yahoo Life that “being older doesn’t mean you quit and it doesn’t mean that you don’t exist.” The outlet tied this attitude of hers to the fact that she continues to take on roles in bold characters (such as her role in Harry Wild as a rule-breaking retired prof). In real life and in her roles, they say, she pushes back against the typical notions about aging.

She elaborated on how she feels about aging with Yahoo. “I don’t feel any different, really, than when I was 40 or 50. Am I younger in spirit than I am in age? Probably — until I, you know, run and jump and suddenly realize that I don’t land quite as well as I did before,” said the actress.

For more from Seymour on how she’s managed to cope with the ups and downs of life, including four divorces, you can read the Yahoo Life interview here.


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