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Workplace Ageism Is Common—How to Push Back

Eighty-four percent of workers say that they have witnessed age discrimination in the workplace and/or experienced it firsthand. This is according to new research conducted in the U.S. by LiveCareer. More revealing (and dispiriting) findings from that research: 77 percent of workers ages 50 and older believe they haven’t been hired because of their age, and 86 percent feel that most job postings are addressed to people younger than them, and 76% feel that finding a job is easier for young people than for older people, reports Yahoo Finance.

While these statistics are daunting, there are ways you can help fight against ageism in the workplace and alleviate its impact. For one, a LiveCareer expert says older workers should emphasize their strengths when it comes to getting that job you want. It is commonly a lack of confidence that can impact your chances of a successful job interview, and if you add that to also dealing with the stigma of your age, this can add up to negatively affecting your job hunt.

Another way to emphasize you are one of the strongest candidates for the job? Play up the fact that you have an eagerness to learn, have a growth-oriented attitude, and are adaptable. LiveCareer says these are always desirable traits across industries and at every stage of your career.

For more ways you can fight against workplace ageism to minimize its effects on you, and more findings from this new study, check out the Yahoo Finance article here.

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