Wednesday, July 24, 2024

The Generational Divide Between What We Want From Our Employers

Do you want financial advice from your employer? If your answer is no, you’re aligned with most boomers.

Logica Research has a new study that reveals the financial profiles of baby boomers, Generation X, Millennials and Gen Z. The data was gathered from more than 1,000 Americans since 2017 (and most recently the survey data was called in April 2022). And each generation differed in their financial patterns, reports

When it comes to baby boomers, they have the fewest expectations for financial help from their employers. Compare this to more than half of Gen X, Millennials and Gen Z wanting help from their employers when it comes to decisions such as when to refinance their mortgage and the ins and outs of a health savings account. Boomers? Less than 33 percent of boomers want such advice and assistance with these financial matters.

Other differences are distinct when it came to matters such as whether they had plans to switch jobs next year. For more on the findings from the study, and the trends that will grow when it comes to finances, read the full article here.

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