Friday, June 14, 2024

A New Course on Smart Technology Given Its Role in Facilitating Aging in Place

Some everyday tasks could be made easier thanks to smart technology, and a new hands-on course is available to help older adults learn how to make the best use out of smart tech.

Offered at the Stan Cassidy Centre for Rehabilitation in Frederiction, the learning is available to people aged 55-plus and to older adults with caregivers. Spanning six weeks, the course takes place at Stepping Stone Senior Centre and Forest Hill United Church in Fredericton, however, to make it accessible to adults outside of the Fredericton, it’s also been offered in Nackawic and Prince William, reports

There are options on how to take the course: at the facility, students can use the centre’s smart home suite. Think of it as a typical apartment, but it’s set up with smart technology. By taking the course in a hands-on way in an apartment set up, it allows students to learn how the different smart-tech gadgets actually work in the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. The goal is for the participants to learn how to use this technology and gain independence.

To learn more about the different learning modules in the course, the smart-tech devices featured, and the barriers to access they’ve uncovered with regards to people taking the course, read the full article here.

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