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Five Must-Dos For Making Your Home One Where You Can Age In Place

Research shows that most people want to age in place. To make your home one where you can age in place, you’ll have to make some tweaks to it with accessibility, mobility and comfort in mind. How to best invest your renovation budget when you’re aging and looking to adapt your space into your home for the future? Experts shared their top advice with Better Homes & Gardens.

To start, consider stairs. If you’re in the market for a home to live in as you age, you may want to consider a bungalow or any home that cuts out the need for stairs. If it’s your existing abode you’re looking to stay in, and it’s got stairs, explore the addition of a chair lift or an elevator. Sustainable design expert Robin Wilson shared with Better Homes & Gardens that installing an elevator may not necessarily mean overhauling your whole space (she has had clients who’ve been able to make use of a space such as a closet to add an elevator).

Add features that offer adjustable heights. So that everyone who will be in your home can enjoy accessibility, consider desks that can be lowered or raised, and also accessible sinks. Another simple solution to make spaces like closets and cupboards accessible? Tuck step stools with handrails by each space.

For more expert tips on how to make your aging-in-place home one that is safe and accessible, including the importance of great lighting, read the Better Homes & Gardens article here.

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