Wednesday, July 24, 2024

A Game-Changing Program for Aging In Place

One successful government program in the United States should be an example of how to help the aging population age in place. In Bath, Maine, the housing authority took action when they witnessed the maintenance challenges older adults and those with disabilities were facing when trying to live at home.

They created the Comfortably Home program to help their residents live safely and for longer in their own homes. The program involves installing aging-in-place modifications, such as handrails and shower seats, and takes care of repairs to stairs and windows; improving lighting (good lighting is key to aging in place) and installing smoke and carbon dioxide detectors. Entrances to the homes were made safer with repairs (and ramps installed as needed). To date, about 300 homes have taken part in the Comfortably Home program in Bath, and it’s inspired similar programs in 14 out of 16 of the state’s counties.

For more details about the Comfortably Home program, including the direct benefits the program has brought about and the a national program it’s inspired in the U.S., read the report here.

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