Friday, June 14, 2024

The Key To Healthy Aging? It Might Be In Your Gut

When it comes to the gut microbiome, researchers keep discovering more about it. We know now that the gut microbiome, that is, the the microbes in your intestines, changes as we age. We also know that certain diseases (ones often associated with aging) affect the gut microbiome. Researchers, however, haven’t yet looked at how targeting the microbiome can impact how we age or how it might reduce the risk of those age-related diseases. The gut microbiome could potentially play as big a role in healthy aging as diet and exercise, for example.

The site notes the comprehensive review published in Nature Reviews Gastroenterology & Hepatology, which provides a rundown of the latest findings about the microbiome. For example, certain aspects of aging can affect the gut microbiome. Factors such as decreased appetite, stomach acid, intestinal barrier function, increased social isolation and the use of medications such as antibiotics, can all have an impact. In addition, as we get older, the amount of protective bacteria decreases while potentially harmful bacteria grow in number in the gut.

For more about what the research thus far has found about the gut microbiome and aging, along with how machine learning and future analyses can play a role in studies that will contribute towards healthy aging, read the post here.

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