Tuesday, July 16, 2024

You Must Both Exercise And Eat Well to Live a Long Life

You go well beyond 10,000 steps daily and have a regular workout routine, but how you eat isn’t the greatest. Or perhaps you’re passionate about your diet full of veggies and lean proteins, but spend more time than not on your couch. If you’ve got at least your fitness or your diet on track, surely that balances out when it comes to your health?

Unfortunately not. New research shows that you must both by physically active and follow a healthy diet in order to live longer. Just half of the equation doesn’t cut it. The study from July 2022 and published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, found that while exercise and a healthy diet can each individually affect your mortality (each, of course, also provide many health benefits on their own), the greatest reduction of mortality risk results when you combine both a physically active lifestyle and a healthy diet together, reports healthline.com.

Even a high degree of physical activity isn’t enough to offset the effects of a poor diet. The study’s findings came from analyzing data over the course of 11 years of nearly 350,000 people. For more on how the study was conducted, and the benefits that come from a healthy diet and an active lifestyle, read the full healthline.com report here.

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