Friday, April 19, 2024

Amazon’s New Aging-In-Place Service: Alexa Together

Aging in place is commonly viewed as the best option compared to moving into an assisted living facility, and it’s also what most older adults prefer when they consider how they want to grow old. Making aging in place more feasible is the advancement of smart technology devices. These smart tech tools help make it possible to not have a caregiver at home around the clock, as the technology helps to monitor movements, for example, along with maintaining routines (such as a pill dispenser that reminds you of what pills you need to take and when).

Getting into the aging-in-place game? Amazon with its new Alexa Together (currently only available in the U.S.). The new service adapts Amazon’s smart home tech to the needs of one person per subscription (which costs $19.99 USD per month). According to this review from, the service isn’t groundbreaking; however it could help some people live independently longer.

To view’s review, watch it here.


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