Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Exposure to This Type of Light May Be Hurting Your Longevity

There’s been a lot of talk about how exposure to blue light can negatively impact your sleep. And there are even glasses on the market now that have a blue-light-blocking feature. From all of our digital devices to LED lights, we’re regularly exposed to blue light – especially when you consider the biggest source of blue light we are all regularly exposed to: the sun. This is even more concerning considering the latest research into blue light as it reveals that long-term exposure to blue life could be having a serious effect on health and longevity.

Published in the journal Nature Partner Journals Aging, the study was conducted by researchers at Oregon State University and it looked at how neurological health, mitochondrial health and overall longevity were impacted by exposure to blue light during aging. Conducted on fruit flies, the study revealed that, for one, growing older reduced the fruit flies tolerance for environmental stressors such as blue light); this is due in part to decreased mitochondrial reactions, reports mindbodygreen.com.

The study found that blue-light exposure had a greater impact on older fruit flies. So what can we draw from the findings of this study, and how should we approach our day-to-day lives when it comes to this new routine? And how should you be changing your approach when it comes to potential customers and also adjusting your exposure to blue light? Read the whole mindbodygreen.com article here.

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